martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Nothing is what it seems

I haven’t written for a long time. As those of you following us will know, I had a fall during my first stay in Varanasi. I say first, because I ended up in hospital with a suspected fracture of two vertebrae and was evacuated to Spain, with a full display of ambulances plus a wheelchair; although I did go first class. Having said this and so as not to go into details that I prefer to forget, it looks like a serious fracture. And, believe me, I became deeply demoralised at having to abandon a Project and hopes half way along. What I couldn’t have imagined, in spite of a series of unpleasant episodes with Indian doctors, is that it was all a trick to swindle the insurance company and to cause a state of great anxiety for my family, friends and myself.

The word angry does not begin to describe how I feel. I must admit I did feel a sense of gratifying relief when after a month in bed and listening to doctors asking me if I could move my legs and repeatedly insisting that I could become paralytic, a Barcelona doctor told me that it was a slight fissure and all that was needed was rest and some paracetamol.

A CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging and an X-ray done in India clearly showed a fracture of my vertebrae. These three tests exclude any possible margin of error, but not the 300 euros which each scan costs. I received so much “attention” that I was even assigned an Indian doctor to accompany me from Varanasi to Barcelona.

Indignation, deception, impotence and anger, a lot of anger. But, I am now back, because not even incidents like this can destroy my enthusiasm of continuing to work in what I believe.

It’s a pleasure to be home. And now, in the New Year, it is time to get going.


Originally published in Spanish on 12/01/2011 by Vanessa Escuer.
Photo: Vanessa Escuer
Translation: Bridget Hunter

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